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UAE's first

Metal Art Consultancy

Our approach

Our mission is to bring you the best Metal Artworks from around the globe, into your spaces. Our team is equipped to create work from some of the best artists ranging from emerging artists to established artists. Apart from our design service and collection, we also offer advisory and installation services guaranteeing a smooth experience for the client and artist.

Art Concept

Understanding the vision of the project & the identity of the client to create the design concept.

Advisory & Management

Connecting the right artist from our database that fits perfectly with the vision and sourcing the artworks,


Supervision of installation of Artworks including shipping and miscellaneous requirements.

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Grow Your Vision

We work with artists, designers, private collectors and galleries giving you access to a wide range of Metal artworks.

Once we narrow down your project's timeline, budget, and preferred artwork style, we'll take care of the rest!

Explore our carefully curated selection of Metal artworks from all over the globe.

Image by Geronimo Giqueaux


horse scrap metal art sculpture mari9art-15.jpg

Unique Sculptures


Elegant Wall Decor

Metal Table with Accessories

Functional Art

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